This page provides links to reading lists with hyperlinks where available.


Readings: Chinese digital political economy

Readings: Digital Creative industries China/Asia

Readings: Visualisation, data and big data

Readings: Platforms, online video and sharing economy

Readings: Shanzhai, makers spaces and digital innovation

Readings: digital disability, gender and social marginalisation

Readings: E-commerce, Fin-Tech and Blockchain

Readings: Social media influencers and live streaming

Readings (in Chinese)

Research resources are tried and tested tools to build an academic career, or just get that PhD finished! (written by Michael Keane)

What is a good topic for a PhD?

What is research and “new knowledge”?

What is inter-disciplinary research? Is it worth considering?

How is the field of digital media understood?

Effective academic writing

The literature review: how long should it be, how detailed?

Writing your first academic paper

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