By community we refer to communities of interest and interested communities.  

Digital Asia Digital Australia (DADA) is a (by invitation only) Facebook group  for people who conduct research on digital Asia  in Australia, or who have collaborated in some way with Australian researchers, or who are currently conducting postgraduate research 

Creative Transformations Asia is a Facebook group where we share information and ideas about creative industries in Asia

The Digital China Lab is a research program at Curtin University in the Centre for Culture and Technology. The  program is led by Michael Keane and currently has six PhD students.

The Centre for Culture and Technology (CCAT) is located at the intersections of disciplinary and creative boundaries, and operates as a portal to cutting-edge research in media, digital practices, culture, theory and new technologies.

Asia Pacific Digital Culture and Society is  an invite only Facebook forum to share research on digital culture and society in the Asia-Pacific

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