Digital China is a site that brings together new research and commentary on digital technology and communications in China. Digital China is a resource for all persons interested in how, and with what global effects, China is transforming into a ‘digital superpower’: as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, online streaming services,  e-commerce, the sharing economy, and FinTech become mainstream.

The site is a product of an Australian Research Council Discovery Project called Digital China: from Cultural Presence to Innovative Nation, led by Prof Michael Keane at Curtin University (see menu item Project for full details). Other Chief Investigators are A/Prof Brian Yecies (UoW), A/Prof Haiqing Yu (RMIT), Dr Elaine Zhao (UNSW), and Dr Susan Leong (Monash University, Malaysia).    Partner investigators are Prof Anthony Fung (CUHK, Beijing Normal University), Prof Yahong Li (Hong Kong University) and Prof Yuanpu Jin (Renmin)

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