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Dr. Haiqing Yu is Associate Professor and Vice-Chancellor’s Principal Research Fellow in the School of Media and Communication, RMIT University. Haiqing’s research covers two broad areas: media and communication studies; and cultural/sociological studies. Her current research focuses on Chinese digital media and communication, with particularly attention to the social impact and political economy of digitally mediated social economy, social movements, and cultural transformation. Her works explore the implications of the Internet and mobile communication on Chinese social policy (in relation to gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, and class), journalism, youth culture and sexuality, HIV related health communication, everyday life politics, social activism, and digital economy. Haiqing has published widely in journalism, media studies, communication studies, cultural studies, Asian studies, and Chinese studies in referred academic journals and books. She is the author of Media and Cultural Transformation in China (2009 Routledge) and co-author of Sex in China (with Elaine Jeffreys, January 2015 Polity).

Haiqing guest edits the following special journal issues: “Grassroots makers of China’s e-commerce miracle” of China Perspectives; “Digital economies of disability” (with Goggin, Fisher and Li) of Information, Communication & Society; “Social media and Chinese digital diaspora in Australia: Local findings with global implications (PDF)” (with Sun) of Media International Australia.

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