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“Research” constitutes two practices: information gathering and knowledge creation. In short, research comprises analysis, critical investigation and communication of results in a manner acceptable in the disciplinary field. In some cases, research crosses disciplinary fields. It is cross-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, or even trans-disciplinary. One of the aims of research is to produce “new knowledge”, work that changes, or “moves forward” what is already known. It is not sufficient to describe or summarise. You want to extend the boundaries.


In the research journey you are known as “a candidate”. You are undertaking a “research apprenticeship” that may lead into an academic or research career.


Your “research journey” may take a conceptual direction: that is, seeking out new models, theories and approaches;



You may take a practical direction: for instance, “doing-oriented” or applied research.



You submit an exegesis accompanied by “creative practice.” Creative practice usually takes the form of a performance, a piece of creative writing, a visual art work.



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