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Welcome to the Digital Asia Digital Australia (DADA) Research Alliance space.

DADA is a network of scholars in Australia. Our members’ work collectively and individually concerns digital communications, policy, industries, markets and users within and across Asia. The network includes PhD researchers as well as established scholars.

DADA members

Katie Ellis focuses on the digital inclusion of people with disabilities, including a comparative study of the internet of things in Australia and China. 

Qian Gong’s research interests include the transformation of Socialist culture in China, Chinese media and popular culture.

Michael Keane leads a 3-year national research project examining how digital communication industries and the internet help Chinese culture ‘go to the world.’   

Mike Kent investigates social media, disability and eLearning, with a focus on Chinese language social media.

Susan Leong examines internet governance in Asia, Chinese diasporas in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, and ethno-religious diversity. 

Henry Li researches self-representation and user-productivity among young people in Chinese social media networks.  

Lucy Montgomery works on publishing, copyright and open access as it pertains to digital technology and intellectual property in the creative industries.

Brian Yecies researches and teaches on transnational film and digital media with an emphasis on culture, policy, and convergence in Asia. He has a 2018-2020 Australian Research Council Discovery Project titled “Mobile Webtoons: Creative Innovation in a New Digital Economy”.

Chunmeizi Su’s work focuses on internet oligopolies, media industry and globalisation, with a focus on BAT and screen industries.

Huan Wu‘s research focuses on ageing communication, the usage of ICTs among disadvantaged groups and creative industries of China.

Jian Xu’s work focuses on China’s Internet activism, Internet governance and digitally-enabled social changes and state-society interactions. More broadly, he is interested in media politics and political communication in China.

Haiqing Yu focuses on Chinese digital media, communication, and cultures, including their expansion and impact in Australia and the Asia Pacific.

He Zhang’s research focuses on digital literacy, participatory media practice, migrant cultural citizenship and migration activities of Chinese people.

Elaine Jing Zhao’s current research focuses on digital labour, cultural production, and governance of and by internet platforms as they navigate between the formal and informal, the domestic and international markets in China’s digital transformation.


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