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Are you interested in China’s culture and how it is being disseminated online? If so, please consider taking (and sharing) a short survey called China’s Media and Cultural Influence in the Asia-Pacific

This survey is part of an Australian Research Council project ‘Digital China: from Cultural Presence to Innovative Nation (2017 – 2019). The survey is completely anonymous. 
In this survey, Chinese entertainment content (film, TV, animation, online video) refers to content produced in the People’s Republic of China (or co-produced in the PRC). The survey is designed for people outside China, including people who were born in the PRC and are now living, working or studying overseas.



The second, and ongoing component of our data collection is the Cultural Power Metric (CPM) dashboard.  Our aim is to capture the circulation, timing and regional specificity of a range of social media and popular and trade press content that is shaping the representation of “Digital China”. This area features five analytical components. Each  aggregates and displays “reputational” data based on amalgamated primary sources (e.g. company-generated data, user-generated comments/content) and secondary sources (trade and popular newspaper articles, academic journal articles) collected by the research team. This site is currently a work in progress.

For a discussion of how this works in relation to other reputation metrics see our recent publication in Global Media and China 

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