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Welcome to the Asian Creative Transformations (ACT) site.

The content in this area was developed during a 2014-2016 Australian Research Council Discovery project called: Willing collaborators: Negotiating Change in East Asian Media Production.

We live in a time in which Asian creativity and innovation are reaching out globally, becoming part of the global collective consciousness. This special downloadable pdf is a collation of articles recently published covering art, media and design practice in the Asia-Pacific. The stories are written by experts, some of the writers are professors, and some are practitioners and students.

We hope you enjoy reading 14 hit articles from undercover stories to hacking cultures in 6 countries, ranging from China to Fiji. And we look forward to publishing more stories on the Digital China project site that show the diversity of creative transformation in the fastest growing region of the world.

Download a copy of the ACT Greatest Hits Magazine

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