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Creativity, Affordances, and Chinese Traditional Culture

by Michael Keane, in 

Boredom, Shanzhai, and Digitisation in the Time of Creative China.Edited by Jeroen de Kloet, Yiu Fai Chow, and Lena Scheen. Amsterdam:Amsterdam University Press


In this chapter, Michael Keane examines the traditional roots of Chinese creativity. He uses the concepts of creatio in situ and affordances to show that Chinese creativity is both contextual and relational. Keane examines the connections between Confucian and Daoist approaches to creativity, nature, and the market and provides a personal view of the trials and tribulations of creativity in China over the past two decades. Finally, he shows how the concept of affordances provides a new way of understanding Chinese creativity. Persons, things, and discourse take on many appearances as time goes by. The manifestation of shanzhai culture in this sense demonstrates such an affordance.

Keywords: digital China, creative industries, Chinese philosophy, creative economy, shanzhai, Confucianism


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