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Where is China’s cutting-edge culture heading?

This opinion piece by Michael Keane explores the relationship between the Chinese Dream, digital innovation, artificial intelligence and the work-force in China.

Author: Michael Keane, Curtin University Visitors to the Chinese city of Shenzhen looking for evidence of cultural innovation are often bemused by the city?s overt showcasing of the artificial ? a full-scale replica of the Swiss ski resort Interlaken, a miniature Eiffel Tower in a theme park called Window on the World and Van Gogh copies for sale at the Dafen Oli Painting Village. Once a place where locals apologised about rampant copy culture, Shenzhen is now a hub of innovation and the centrepiece of the strategy to modernise the economy as laid out in China?s 13th Five Year Plan. In March 2015, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced the slogan ?mass entrepreneurship, mass innovation?, signalling the launch of the nation?s Internet Plus blueprint by which Chinese people would embrace the digital era. Premier Li?s announcement took place at Chaihuo ? translated literally as ?firewood? ? which is a popular Shenzhen ?maker space?. The city now has hundreds of maker spaces that have now

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