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The Creative Economy, Digital Disruption and Collaborative Innovation in China

by Michael Keane, Ying Chen, and Wen Wen.  in M. Vecco and L. Lazzaretti eds. Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship: Paradigms in Transition from a Global Perspective. (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2018 pp. 201 – 220).

Never before in human history has disruptive change been such a persistent reality. From the 2008 financial crisis to 2016’s Brexit vote, to the ‘unexpected’ triumph of Donald Trump in the US elections, uncertainty is undermining long-term prediction. While the US leadership has engaged in protectionist rhetoric, China is steadily extending its global presence. In particular, advances in digital technology have the potential to increase the international reach of Chinese cultural products and services, and with this the value of China’s creative economy. But this leads to the question: In a society where social harmony and collectivism are celebrated, what can the model of disruptive innovation – a feature of Silicon Valley start-up culture now widely celebrated within China – contribute to economic rejuvenation?

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